How to Deal with Collectors of Trading Pins

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To pick up a hobby, you can list a lot of reasons to find one and it won’t matter as well what kind of hobby you’d choose, as long as you will enjoy doing it. Collecting special items can become a big hobby, and some would start buying and collecting trading pins.

With collecting pins, you will expect to start buying, selling, and trading them together with your fellow collectors. You’ll also see that some collectors would follow a certain theme. A few collectors would start collecting pins that are themed after amusement parks. Disneyland is such a park that has collectible pins that you can buy and trade with other collectors. They would also hold an annual trading event where collectors would gather so they can interact and trade with others.

Trading pinsTrading your pins with other collectors is one quick way to get the pins that you want. Before being able to trade, though, you and your fellow collector must agree to some conditions that you or he might ask for. If you are far away and cannot go to special events, that won’t be an issue; some collectors would post their pins online so that a lot of people can see their pins and more people can get interested in settling a trade.

There are also special pins available. These trading pins are only made during special occasions and will not be reprinted afterwards. Other pins of this kind would include those that were made by major sponsors during special events and promos. Coca-Cola is one such sponsor that has special pins made.

Trading pins are usually made with copper and are then molded and cut into shapes. They are then electro-plated before the colors are added. Some pins are small which will be at around 1.5 inches in size, while some would be bigger at 2.5 inches. To hold them in place, military clasps are commonly used with these pins.

For collecting pins, there is no age limit to when you can start collecting; likewise, you don’t need to stop collecting when you reach a certain age. During special trading events, kids will sometimes ask for their parents’ help in attending these so they can trade with other collectors. The older people that have been collecting pins to support their favourite sports teams are a common sight in such events. These collectors would sometimes have vintage and hard-to-find pins. Some collectors would also go all-out and spend a lot of money on online auctions to get the pins that they want.

Collecting trading pins will be a challenge from the start but once you get the hang of how it works, you’ll know that it’s a fun hobby to get into. For beginners, there are a lot of collectors that will be willing to give a helping hand to them.

When you are to meet a fellow collector and start a trade for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind:

•Keep you pins presentable and clean. No collector will take a pin that is all bent and dirty.

•Politely call the attention of a fellow collector if you see him wearing a pin that you’re interested in and you want to trade with him.

•Make sure that when you’re looking at his pin, do not touch it. You can instead ask for permission to bring it closer to you so you can get a better view of it.

•Properly show the pin that you’re willing to give in exchange for the pin that you want to see if the collector will be interested as well.

•To close the deal, say, “Thank you,” and a handshake with your fellow collector will do.


How to Clean Your Custom Challenge Coins

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For a person to get away from everyday stress that he gets from work, he will do something just to get rid of that stress. One way to do that is to pick up a hobby. A hobby is an effective way for a person to get rid of his stress. Some would start a collection which consists of rare stamps or key chains but for those who like sports, they may start collecting custom challenge coins.

Once you’ve started getting into collecting custom challenge coins, you may also start to buy, sell, and trade them. You can also meet other challenge coin enthusiasts and collectors this way. When collecting custom challenge coins, there are some collectors who would follow a certain theme. Some would start collecting those that are only available in amusement parks like Disneyland, while others go for collecting coins coming from different sporting events like the World Cup. These coins are made only during the times that the events are active and will have special designs showing the name and logo of the event plus in some cases, they can also show the name of a participating team.

custom challenge coinsFor a collector to be able to get some of the challenge coins that he cannot find easily, trading with another enthusiast is a good option. You can start by contacting or talking to another collector and ask them if they have the challenge coin that you want. In return, they will also ask you if you have something that they want. An agreement must be met first before an actual trade can be placed.

Limited edition custom challenge coins are also sought after by avid challenge coin collectors. These are the kinds of coins which are released during a limited time only. These are also not reprinted afterwards. Challenge coins from major sponsors during special events can be considered limited.

To make sure your custom challenge coins would still fetch a high value when displayed or sold, they must be in pristine order. If your challenge coins need cleaning, it is highly recommended that professionals clean them. If you are not able to bring your challenge coins to a professional, there are a few tips to how you can try cleaning the challenge coins on your own:

1. Prepare a solution made of mild soap and warm water and try to soak your coins in it. The soap that you can use can be hand soap or a mild dishwashing soap. This will help in removing any dirt sticking onto the challenge coin. Another alternative of soap, olive oil, can also be used to clean your challenge coins. It is tough enough to remove dirt but it has a mild nature which will not ruin the coins. It is also not recommended to use any tarnish remover in cleaning your coins; the chemicals that make up the solutions may ruin the coins and the design on it.

2. Brushing your challenge coins with any kind of brush is not recommended. The risk of scratching the surface of the coin is there and it can damage it will then lose its value. You can use your fingers to gently rub off any dirt which may still be visible on the coin.

3. Once the dirt is removed from the challenge coins, you can rinse it with cold water. Running water coming from a faucet is recommended. The stronger the current from the running water, the better it will rinse and remove any dirt from the coin. Use distilled cold water during the final rinsing of the coins.

4. Line up your coins on a soft cloth or paper towels and allow them to air-dry on their own; never blow-dry your challenge coins.


Raise Awareness with Custom lapel pins

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With the world facing threats of war, natural calamities and disease, people standing together in unity and agreement is very crucial now more than ever. There are many ways to show solidarity in this troubled times but to show you care, the first you should take is to familiarize yourself with important social issues the world is facing right now. From breast cancer and famine to terrorism and global warming, you will find that a lot of organizations are holding conventions, seminars and fundraising events to raise awareness. When you do attend these kinds of events, in the sea of pamphlets and brochures, it would not be a surprise if you come across custom lapel pins.

Even though these lapel pins were originally designed to serve as tokens of recognition to members of the military, its significance has developed over the course of time. Now, custom lapel pins, more than serving as symbols, can also act as channels to send a message across. This makes it a very effective way to raise awareness for a specific movement or cause.

Lapel Pins for Breast Cancer Awareness

custom lapel pinsOne perfect example of using lapel pins for a particular cause is the Pink Awareness Ribbon seen most commonly during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The use of pink ribbon in relation with breast cancer was first done in the fall of 1991. The largest and best-funded breast cancer organization in the United States, Komen Foundation, handed out pink ribbons during a New York City race for breast cancer survivors. By next year, the pink ribbon was officially dubbed as the symbol of National Breast Cancer Month. Though actual pink ribbons were used at first, more and more organizations and support groups have begun having lapel pins made shaped and designed as pink ribbons. Since attaching ribbons by using straight pins leaves the wearer vulnerable to losing it, opting for custom lapel pins will make it much easier to keep.

Lapel Pins for the September 11

Another recent instance where custom lapel pins where used to show support was right after the September 11 attack. Of course the terror, devastation and destruction that day brought did not just shake Americans but the whole world, too. To show support, a lot of organizations came up with lapel pins with various designs. Designs vary from the National Flag of America and the date of the attack to the image of the Twin Towers and words of encouragement. Whatever the design is, the lapel pins all served as symbols of compassion and solidarity to help comfort Americans in their time of sorrow. The custom lapel pins were not just worn by civilians but journalists and government officials as well.

Lapel Pins for Election Campaigns

One of the most common uses of the lapel pins is during election campaigns. Besides the usual flyers and the campaign buttons, political pins are also used and distributed by candidates during their campaign. Lapel pins is a development from the traditional campaign buttons which go as far back as America’s First President, George Washington. As technology progressed over the years, the campaign buttons took different forms to allow more design flexibility and durability. These political pins are not just worn by members of a particular party but also by civilians to show their support for their chosen candidate.

So if you are part of a particular movement or organization and you are looking for an item you and your supporters could wear to show support, custom lapel pins is the way to go. Just come up with a great design, choose a flexible material, and make your statement!


Save Your Home with the Assistance of a Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer

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Foreclosure law at the Long Island area in the state of New York can be difficult to understand especially when it is not your field of expertise. Normally, foreclosure defense law is broken down into different case types. There can be a foreclosure defense that is based on illegitimacy of the debt, fraud or could be something that seeks modification, time extension or short sales, to name a few. Because of the complexities of foreclosure defense law, it is advisable to contact a competent Long Island foreclosure lawyer.

Foreclosure Defense

Since the year 2007, almost four million people in the United States have lost their homes due to foreclosure. That number is anticipated to climb to six million or more in 2014. Traditionally, legal foreclosure process has skewed in favor of lenders and banks.

Over 80 percent of foreclosures are unchallenged. However, there are still some homeowners who are opting to fight back with a foreclosure defense strategy. Cases where there is a valid confirmatory defense are very rare. Most homeowners see a Long Island foreclosure lawyer with mistaken notion that if the lender sold their note another, foreclosure defense will enable them to keep their home at no cost. This is incorrect.

New York provides different legal means for the lender or the bank to recover any fees if they can prove that the money was loaned at the request of the property holder. However, fraud may exist in a mortgage and even banks can have all sorts of accounting inaccuracies or recording errors. If that occurs, you will need the services of a skillful Long Island foreclosure lawyer to represent you and give you legal advices to save your home.

Long island foreclosure lawyerA knowledgeable foreclosure attorney will carefully examine your case and will do his best to find loopholes that can stop the foreclosure process. A lawyer can help lessen your worries and stress too at the same time as with his assistance, you can free yourself from tiring paperwork and negotiations. Your attorney is there to guide you with everything you need to deal with all through the course of the foreclosure process or foreclosure defense.

Most foreclosure defense cases in Long Island, New York deal with bank or lender negotiations, mediation and administration of court records. An aggressive foreclosure defense attorney will see to it that your situation could be given fair resolution. Your attorney will provide you foreclosure prevention assistance.

Depending on your case, the simplest means of avoiding foreclosure is through mortgage modification. An experienced Long Island foreclosure lawyer has extensive experience in convincing lenders to renegotiate mortgage terms in order for their clients to pay at a value that they can afford. Typically, a mortgage modification may involve a reduction in the principal of the loan, change in the interest rate of the loan, reduction in the monthly payment of the payee or extension of the time to make payments.

Consult and Hire a Long Island Foreclosure Lawyer

As possible, do not wait for a long time to consult a foreclosure lawyer who knows the law well in your area. Once you know you are at risk of foreclosure, seek legal advice and have your rights protected. An experienced lawyer is there to provide you legal representation at all mediations.

Hire a foreclosure lawyer who is known to have already handled the same cases as yours and who will explore every possible refinancing options and foreclosure prevention programs that could be best for your situation. Work with a Long Island attorney with specialties in foreclosure law to know if you can keep or get your home back.


Planning Funerals Ahead

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In today’s world, the morbidity of death while one is still alive is gradually diminishing. While there are still others who cringe when death is mentioned, there are others who choose to do away with such thinking and plan ahead. Planning one’s own funeral before his or her time may seem a bit morbid, but it is actually a good idea.

The economy these days is not as strong as it used to be, so the sudden death of a loved one can certainly put a dent in the family’s finances. This is why there are an increasing number of people that make their own burial arrangements before their passing. This is also to safeguard families in case a person passes away prematurely and suddenly.

To convince you further, here are the advantages of planning a funeral beforehand:

With pre-planning, one can make his or her wishes known. This can mean that if a person may wish to be cremated instead of being buried, the family will know about it beforehand. Planning one’s own funeral can also control burial or cremation costs to protect the family’s finances against inflation. With pre-planning, one can also make sure that personal records are already arranged and easier for the remaining family to find. Most of all, it is wise to plan a funeral during a period of peace so as to not burden one’s grieving family when the time comes.

funeralWith pre-planning, the decisions are made together with the family. Another advantage is that, when one suddenly passes away, those left behind will be able to move on much easier because they do not have to stress and fuss about what they need to do next. With planning, one is reassured that he or she has lessened the family’s anxiety.

With pre-planning one’s final instructions would be followed and the person can also choose a burial or cremation plan that fits his or her budget. The costs of pre-planning are fixed, so the family of the departed will not have to worry about paying extra because of inflation. For example, a person purchases a particular plan, and when he or she dies some 40 years later, the family will avail of the exact provisions of the plan that was purchased – regardless of inflation. More importantly, pre-planned packages are transferable, this means the arrangements can be used should another family member pass before the plan holder does.

In a way, planning a funeral beforehand actually helps the family when the inevitable comes. Pre-planning is a way of caring for oneself and his family. When the time comes, the family would no longer have any financial obligations to deal with, all they have to do is deal with their grief.

The establishment where the burial or cremation plans were bought also help families in their time of need. The staff will help the family cope with the grieving process with their resources. How one deals with grief depends from one person to another. Others can recover in days, while others take longer. The funeral staff is genuinely concerned with the family’s welfare and they can provide emotional support, counselling options, and other information that may help them move on with their lives.

With pre-planned burial arrangements, one can ensure a proper and meaningful send-off ceremony. Despite the grief that families have to face, with pre-planning, they can be assured that their departed loved ones have taken care of them and have not left them with the financial burden of having the bury them, and this will somehow help with the healing process.


What to Look for in a Putter

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Golf is a sport where you will need specific golf clubs for specific situations as you play. There’s a right club for hitting long range shots or short-distanced shots. A putter is among the notable clubs you will have in your bag that will be helpful in finishing your game.

What is a putter?

Putters are used at the latter part of the game for short-distanced shots without the need for speed or angle. The main goal is to push the golf ball to roll towards the cup.

Naturally, it’s the player’s strength control plays a crucial, using a low quality putter may end the game in a not so good way.

Overall appearance

Unlike other golf clubs, putters have low profile features. They may look like drivers, but with very flat surface and appearance. It may also have low loft designed on the striking face and other features that only found on putters.

golf clubsDepending on the design, a putter may have bent shafts and positional guides. Although the function is virtually the same, manufacturers come up with various technologies that enhance their putters, giving way to smoother ball movement and avoiding the blunder of missing the cup. This technology also drives popularity for specific brands’ putters, making them top favorites among professional golfers.

Due to its low loft, putters won’t cause the ball to bounce as much compared to wedges and fairway woods. Its flat surface is enough to let the ball roll properly. However, many people still ask why the putter still has low loft if it will only be used for making the ball roll. The reason is this loft will somehow lift the ball from the turf. Even the slightest depression made on the ground after the ball bounced can hinder the rolling movement. The loft will raise the ball slightly, just enough to take it out of its mound and ensure smooth movement.


Starting golf clubs come in various types with different lofts, shafts and other features. However, golf rules only limit the number of clubs players will carry on the green. Therefore, some of their clubs won’t be used.

Despite the number of clubs they will leave behind, they will certainly have their best putters in the bag. Putters are subjected to numerous rules and regulations that players must keep in mind. They will make sure to have the right putter that comply with the rules and play with ease.


Not all putters look like regular club. Looking at their faces, some putters have rectangular components found in the middle, which gain them the label insert putters. The unique material placed in the middle part of the face is called an insert. Instead of hitting the ball with the actual putter material, the insert will get in contact with the ball.

Inserts come in various types that will suit the need of players using these golf clubs. According to manufacturers, inserts contribute to the club’s overall feel although the main impression is it’s only used to soften the feeling of ball touching the club.

Although inserts’ use seems like for vanity purposes, using these components makes sense. Using the putter to drive the ball to the cup requires utmost comfort, which is possible by using a putter that players feel comfortable using. Various companies offer different insert putters that will certainly suit your needed feel.


Putting can make or break a game. This results to the production of putting trainers or clubs made for training your putting skills. They have wide array of technologies designed in developing your putting skills and win the game.

Putters are important golf clubs you should always have in your golf bag. Be sure to choose the right putter according to your requirements and in compliance with the rules. You will find putters in various designs and different inserts that will help you finish your game with confidence.


Basic Tips When Buying and Ordering Custom Embroidered Patches

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It is normal for teams, schools, or organizations to wear uniforms that have similar logos on the chest or on the sleeves. This makes them easily identifiable during conventions, events, and meets. There are many ways to have these emblems or logos appear on a garment, such as by having them printed directly on the clothing or embroidering the pattern straight on the face of a shirt or of a cap. A more practical method, however, is to order customized embroidered patches, which you can keep on stock and sold or distributed as necessary. Patches also offer versatility because you can always attach them to any piece of cloth any way you want. Most of all, they can be re-used. For instance, you can remove them from a torn shirt and re-attach to a new one. Hence, most organizations prefer embroidered patches than other available alternatives.

When buying custom embroidered patches, there are several tips that you may want to take note of to help you get more savings and to ensure that you only get the best quality from the manufacturer.

Choose a Reputable Company

embroidered patchesFirst of all, pick a company that is known for making great patches that are of high quality. That means that the embroidery must be clean, the different elements must not overlap each other, the edges and the threads must not fray, and they must last long. You can always get referrals from friends or other associations and once you check out these companies, ask for samples of their previous works to assess their quality. A company with good reputation must also be able to produce the precise number of pieces that you ordered and deliver them on time. Speaking of which, although many would prefer a local company, the best deals are often offered by online shops located in a different city. You can always transact with them but they have to assure you that they can deliver your orders on the date you have agreed on.

Consider the Size

The bigger the size of the patch, the more you have to pay for it because it will require more material. This is why you must be very practical with your design, too. For instance, if you can fit all the elements of the design on a 2 by 2 inch patch, that will be good, especially if you only intend to use it on the shirtsleeves.

Order by Bulk

This is a sensible advice to follow if the embroidered patches can be distributed continuously, year after year, such as in the case of school logos. Ordering in larger quantities will always make you save on cost. However, this cannot apply to everyone. For instance, if the patch is for a specific event, like an anniversary, you have no choice but to order based on the exact number of attendees or users. Nonetheless, it will be better to get the exact number of orders early on so that you can buy them altogether.

Percentage of Coverage and Backing

These two factors will also affect the price of the patches. Percentage of coverage refers to the total area of the face of the patch that is embroidered. For example, if you are using a gray twill fabric and has a gray element on your design, that element may not be embroidered anymore, which will save you on cost. Different backing materials also have different prices, so consider this too when ordering your patches.

These are the basic things to remember when buying and ordering patches. Of course, you must make sure that the design you want was understood by the manufacturer and you can avoid mistakes by asking them to make you a sample first. Once you have all of these covered, you can be more assured that you will get the patches as you want them and for a more affordable price.


PCB Design and Assembly: An Overview

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Perhaps each and every one of us has at least once seen the insides of our electronic appliances and gadgets. Aside from the outstanding array of wires, the most striking feature of any equipment that employs electronics would be those clean-cut green boards with silver lines running in neat patterns across them, sporting minuscule black rectangular pieces and even smaller bits soldered onto it. These are the circuit boards, or more precisely, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) that essentially function as an appliance’s circulatory system.

Essentially, the job of a printed circuit board is to mechanically support and electronically connect the components of the given appliance using different features such as pads and conductive tracks. PCB assembly begins from simple copper sheets that are then laminated into a certain non-conductive substrate. Products of this type of PCB assembly can be either single-sided (when they are crafted from a single copper layer), double sided (when two copper layers are used), or multi-layered. On different layers, conductors are connected through points called “visa”, which are essentially plated-through holes. Advanced versions of the basic PCB assembly usually include other components such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, and other active devices. These are embedded in the substrate and are commonly used in more advanced applications.

PCB assemblyA PCB assembly can be found in all except the very simple electronic device. There are alternative methods (such as the wire-wrap, and the point-to-point construction) that can do the same job, however. But though PCBs require additional efforts in terms of design, these items can be automated with modern manufacturing processes thus making PCB assembly cheaper and faster than other methods of wiring.

Designing a PCB has taken a huge leap from the olden days, when the generation of circuit board “artworks” had to be done entirely by hand on clear sheets of Mylar. During these times, the scale of the initial diagram was usually 2-4 times the actual size and then reproduced photographically on resist layers on the blank copper-coated boards. Nowadays, computers can automatically do most of the steps needed in the layout process, making things less labor intensive.

Instead of having to manually create a schematic, electronic design tools can automate the process, along with the computation of the ideal card dimensions depending on the case and circuitry of the PCB. Different values such as the thickness of the dielectric layers, the thickness of the routing copper, and the width of the trace itself are also used to compute important details such as line impedance automatically. The marking of the visa are done by specialized machines, followed by precise placement of components.

After everything was laid out and finally melded into the board itself, the electronic components themselves have to be soldered in. Currently, the surface-mount system is used as a means to pack as much circuit density as possible, allowing for a smaller and more efficient construction than what was afforded by the old through-hole manufacturing process. This allows for more compact equipment to be produced. It also allows for lower labor costs as automation of production progresses along with other areas of technology.

Because of the importance of PCBs as well as the specialized equipment needed to produce them (unless one would like to take hours creating possibly inaccurate designs), an entire industry has sprung up around the Printed Circuit Board. Offering assembly services that cover just about any need, from personal, to academic, to commercial, these companies offer a variety of services ranging from design, to manufacture, to testing. As always, however, one should always rely on professionals with valid credentials especially in such delicate a subject as PCBs.


Rubber Forever: How to Take Care of Custom Rubber Wristbands

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Almost everybody has heard of custom rubber wristbands. It has been worn by almost everyone at some point in their lives. But in a world where dust and dirt exist like air, it is hard to keep an accessory clean for a long time. So how should anyone take care of their rubber?

It is important to have a clear grasp on what the material is before taking definite actions. Custom rubber wristbands have been interchangeably confused with custom silicone wristbands. It is not that surprising because both almost look and feel the same. However, there are some differences to note between them.

Technically, silicone is different from rubber. Silicone is one of the most common synthetic substitute for rubber since it contains polymers that are rubber-like. But rubber is stiffer than silicone and it does not attract lint. Silicone is very receptive to lint. But since rubber is stiffer than silicone, it can have cracks over time especially if the quality is not good. In this case, silicone is more durable and it can fit better in small spaces.

However, not every rubber and silicone reacts this way. This is just a generalization of the rubber and silicone products. It still must be noted that the quality of both rubber and silicone wristbands depends a lot on the way it was manufactured and its raw materials.

Nevertheless, it is important to know how to take care of custom rubber wristbands to make them more durable and long-lasting. Here are some tips on how to care for rubber wristbands:

1. Wash it constantly

custom rubber wristbandsAlthough rubber is naturally non-receptive to lint, it still needs constant washing to avoid unwanted stains and grease. The best way to easily wash a rubber wristband is to soak it with warm water and brush it with soap or detergent. This will easily remove any dirt in no time. Also remember to dry it with a clean cloth afterwards for best results.

2. Try using erasers

If the rubber wristband only has mild dirt, using an eraser on it can sometimes successfully do the trick. Just gently rub the eraser on the dirty surface and wash away the dirt afterwards.

3. Oil is a no-no

Oils destroy rubber and lessen its quality so do not apply oil or grease. Any household solvent like glue, paint, or hairspray should also be avoided. It is also wise to check the products and make sure they do not contain any oil-based lubricants or creams before applying them to the rubber. This way, the rubber is spared any unwanted cracks or scratches.

4. No to Fire

Rubber is a highly flammable material so it is unwise to keep a custom rubber wristband near any naked flame or fire. Rubber burns easily and nobody wants burnt rubber. It is both harmful to the environment and the humanity.

5. Provide proper storage

Rubber wristbands can sometimes discolor due to excessive sunlight or pollution. In this regard, it is recommended to have a designated storage for custom rubber wristbands that is dry and has a normal room temperature ready for unused wristbands.

6. Use other household remedies

For intense rubber cleaning, it is recommended to use other products available at home like toothpaste or baking soda. Apply toothpaste to the wristband and brush it gently to remove grime and dust from the rubber. This can also be done using baking soda mixed with water since it becomes a paste-like mixture with a texture like toothpaste. The effects are the same.

Rubber is not really that hard to maintain. Everyone just needs a clear knowledge and some really inexpensive materials to do so.


A Quick Guide When Shopping for Surge Protectors

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Most of the time, electrical devices can handle power surges that happen in home and offices caused by thunderstorms or when equipment that requires a high amount of electricity is used at the same time. However, consistent exposure to these surges, especially if the increase in voltage is too high, can eventually damage your beloved electronics, like your HDTV or your intricate computer system. That will not only take away your source of entertainment and comfort, but it also means that you will have to spend a lot of money to have them fixed or to buy replacements. To avoid these major expenses, it is best that you focus on prevention and in this case, it will be by using surge protectors.

Surge protectors, as their name implies, protect electrical appliances from power surges by diverting the excess voltage to the ground wiring. In doing so, only the allotted amount of voltage will continue to be supplied to the plugged devices. This could be 110 or 220 volts, depending on where you are located. Most of the time, surge protectors are sold in the form of power strips, which are extensions that have multiple outlets. Therefore, a single surge protector can be used for several devices at the same time.

surge protectorsYou can buy a surge protector from any hardware store or home depot, but going there without doing your research first can result to buying the wrong product so keep these considerations in mind when doing your shopping.

Joule Rating

The joule is the measure of energy that runs through the electrical wiring. The higher the joule rating of a surge protector, the better it is because that means that it can absorb high spikes in energy. For homes, a rating of 600 or more is recommended.

Indicator Lights

The indicator lights found in surge protector power strips work in two ways. First, they indicate that power is available on that specific outlet. Second, they also show that the protection is currently on. Although there are power strips that do not have these indicator lights, it is best to choose those that do so that you can see in an instant if there is something wrong with your power strip. If the light does not turn on, it could mean that a fuse is burnt and it may need replacing.

Response Time

The response time indicates how quick a surge protector can detect a surge so that it can divert it right away. If the protector is slow to identify a surge, then your appliances will still be exposed to the high voltage longer than necessary.


Most surge protectors are made of hard plastic, but there are also those that are made of metal housing. The latter is sturdier and lasts longer, therefore, providing more value for your money.


As mentioned, these power strips come with multiple outlets, so you can choose one that best fits your needs. For instance, if you plan to plug in three devices to it at the same time, then the power strip must have three outlets. The cord length must be considered too, especially when you have appliances that are located far from the main outlet. Another consideration is the plug. Different regions have different plug designs, so know what is ideal for your home. You may have to use a separate adapter if the plug and the main outlet do not match.

Rating and Certification

Lastly, make sure that the surge protectors that you buy have passed necessary testing to ensure that they have met standard requirements for safety and efficiency.

Keep these things in mind when shopping for a surge protector to ensure that you are not wasting your money on a device that does not meet its claims in protecting your appliances. Go for a brand that has a good reputation and assess your needs at home or in your offices first so that you can buy what you exactly need.

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